To reinvent brand identity for Vibrac and design packaging graphics for Vibrac across categories.


Identity: Builds equity that reinforces pervasive trust, cues premiumness and creates leadership positioning.

To innovate

  • Re-position Virbac as a Leader and a premium result oriented product
  • Position Virbac as a proactive brand which is on the forefront of research and quality
  • Promote Virbac as means to wealth

Packaging: To build a brand that:

  • Engages customers emotionally; through packaging and communication
  • Engages multiple stakeholders to rally around it and create word of mouth publicity
  • Creates an image of proactive leader; helps achieve differentiation & remain ahead of competition

Identity: The critical change needed was to build a strong product brand identity that would reduce perceived risk, communicate in a more organized way with the user and help sell better. The identity that evolved from this need was one that promised innovative solutions through research with an inventive, expert and sensitive personality. Lokusdesign put forth category rules for graphics and structures for the different categories within Virbac’s product range.

Packaging: Radical change in Packaging, Modernize the overall look to cue premiumness and leadership qualities which will help brand remain ahead of competition and drive the market.

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