Design and develop innovative and measureable strategies to launch Smirnoff Lime along with it’s visual communication directions. Development, implement & deployment of visually appealing dynamic display, POSM units, Product displays and additional GWP (gifts with purchase) ideas using the launch toolkit.


To interact with the customer in a non-interactive, marketing-dark retail environment with a plethora of brands and variants was a challenge and relied purely on brand recall and association. To launch a product that not only appealed visually but also interacted through design to improve brand value was the task cut out for us.


Smirnoff wanted to appeal visually, which was done through use of bright brand colors and product attributes, with the inclusion of a charming case that was a rare sight in the premium/mass vodka market. The packaging structure not only enhanced the visual appeal of Smirnoff Lime on the retail shelf, but became an elegant attribute that allowed the customer interaction with the product, creating a rich and refreshing user experience that was relived and enjoyed every single time.

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