To reinvent brand identity for “Premium” and design packaging graphics for Premium across categories.


Identity: In a nascent Indian market, establishing air freshener as a category and extending the brand to home care categories was critical. Owing to low-end imagery of existing packaging graphics, Premium was perceived as a low-end brand. The overall appeal was old-fashioned, with colors that were very bright and overpowering. Also, imagery was non-expressive.

Packaging: Developing a house style for a brand that is a category leader is an incredibly challenging task as high-stake brand value is accountable for. In this case, the house style had to be designed in a way that would allow adaptation onto other relevant categories across the freshness segment, that is unifying all lines under JKHC’s “Premium” freshness brand under one set of packaging graphics.


Identity: Through stunning graphic design, Lokusdesign revamped existing key categories of Air Freshener and Eau De Cologne while also pruning the Premium portfolio. The revamp of Premium aided this measure and established Premium as a clutter-breaking, niche brand in a market dominated by sub-standard and global products. It also established the Premium brand identity and packaging is refreshing, soothing and caring, with added benefits of protection. Today, Premium is the market leader in the home freshness segment.

Packaging: Lokusdesign categorized elements of packaging design and used them aptly to establish house style design and allow unification of all ranges across Premium’s category. This was done by defining brand colors as Burgundy and Golden, and carrying across a few select, ownable and unique patterns across packaging graphics. The result, a brand that dominated the shelf through different categories and appealed to the market with brand sensibility.

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