Creating brand identity and packaging graphics for Pfizer Bovical.


Identity: A large segment of farmers and cattle breeders were uninformed and uneducated about brands. Pictorial and symbolic association was what led to brand recall and induced the buy-decision. To create a strong brand identity in this scenario that would aid recall was a challenge.

Packaging: Uninformed farmers who were the customers and an unorganized market were hampering a focused marketing effort from Pfizer. Purchase was not made on packaging information, brand or quality, but on pictorial and symbolic association and recall. The challenge was to overcome this and uphold the brand value of Pfizer, while creating relevant packaging structure and graphics.


Identity: Soft colors and a positive association through imagery established Pfizer in the animal-supplement domain. The packaging graphics and structure supported the brand identity to make a direct connect with farmers and cattle breeders on product benefits, aiding strong brand recall and boosting appeal.

Packaging: Lokusdesign created a packaging structure that directly connected with the target group by depicting the end-user and product benefits through structure. Packaging graphics were also oriented for creating strong brand association and recall.

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