Design and create premium gifting experience for Nestlé Selections chocolates gift pack, maintain brand image of Nestlé International and take Indian socio-cultural needs into consideration.


Thinking really out of box and marrying the legacy of Nestlé International premium chocolates with Indian sensibilities of gifting, to create curiosity and anticipation through packaging. Monotony of chocolate gift boxes required a path-breaking approach to design. Other prominent issues included rattling of products inside gift box packaging and distorted look of pack.


Lokusdesign created a sequence to perform a unique ritual while gifting and opening the gift box of chocolates. Consumers love such rituals and this helped create a strong belongingness and closeness to the Nestle brand. Our engineers perfected the gift box to the finest aspects, eliminating rattling and distortion of pack to create a premium gifting experience through innovative structure and stunning graphics!

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