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Those who have been following our series of Perspectives would have noticed a clear thread running through all the posts. They all ask the question “Why”. There are so many events that people, societies, nations, and, yes, brands go through. Rather than dwell on the event themselves we choose to reflect on the reason those events occurred. “What” offers an interesting anecdote but “Why” the opportunity for real wisdom! Why does something happen? Why do we react to it the way we do?

These are distracted times, awash with visceral reactions, and knee-jerk, emotional responses to alternative facts. Each one of us is a consumer, and the clamour for conquering our mindspace is persistent and powerful. Asking “Why” offers an opportunity to escape this mental manipulation and tune out the cacophony. Focusing on “why” has the power to demystify an action or an event and hence to direct a more considered response to it.

A wise man quoted, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out Why”. Look inwards and ask yourself why you do what you do? The answer to that question will define the answer to every other question after that!