Have you seen the latest Fall ‘17 Collection from that international fashion brand? What about that new Winter-special selection? When you think of winter in India do you think of snowmen and sled runs or mustard oil to apply and Saag and Roti to eat? Winter in the USA is a very different feel from winter in UP. In most places in India, Fall is an accident that happens not a season. Clearly, when it comes to seasons and the emotions and linkages they evoke in people, not all places are the same. International brands follow worldwide templates – especially the templates that work well, but is there a case to abandon them based on where they have to be applied?

If the messaging of brands and the sales-focused promotions they roll out have to resonate with the target audience (and they must), then it is critical for them to allow for the customer’s frame of reference being different in different places. This is of course, true of all the communications the brand sends out. So, while mention of a bright sunny day brings with it memories of picnics in meadows in the UK, in India the instant emotional reaction may be to think of sweat and dust. Your brand may be global – but remember that the customer is almost always local. And that doesn’t change from season to season!