When did a Day become a Week? 14th February has long belonged to St. Valentine, a day for tongue-tied suitors and otherwise taken for granted spouses, but have you noticed the creeping conquest of this day over the week preceding it? Now Valentine’s Day is but the crashing drum roll bringing the rising crescendo to a close. Leading into the build-up are days for giving everything from roses, to chocolates, to hugs, and more. The calendar is now a step by step playbook, laid out in so many easy to follow steps! But maybe that build up is essential today.

People of all ages and occupations are living out their lives in a pressure cooker of extreme competitiveness, mental tension, looming deadlines, physical stress, and emotional insecurity. In the urban jungle, opening up about inner feelings is like exposing a vulnerability for the world around to exploit. Self-preservation means that being guarded about emotions has become the default mode of human functioning. We have fallen out of the habit of expressing emotion. That being the case, the one time of the year when it is the norm to be expressive, wouldn’t a well-designed guide on how to get there be just the thing? It’s harder than ever to express your love for someone, but isn’t it easier to buy a rose today, a box of chocolates tomorrow, a card the day after, and so on? So, it takes a week to find Love – and that’s perfectly fine!