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At Lokusdesign, we inspire and enable brands and organizations to distance themselves from the Entropy, and to discover their Positive Valence- their basic building block that is authentic, inherent and inspiring. Using our proprietary Design process, we help them maximize the potential of their Positive Valence towards fulfilling the fundamental needs of their customers. This makes their brand more meaningful to its business strategy and its customers. It instills a strong sense of confidence among all stakeholders resulting in lasting relationships and better growth prospects.


Work that can help you to address a variety of critical business challenges:

  • from managing Brand Transformations, to facilitating Market Entry and Brand Diversification;
  • from driving Brand-led Innovation across touch points- Identity, Communication, Packaging, and Retail,- to designing rich, immersive Experiences for diverse audiences;
  • from gaining Actionable Insights into markets and industries, to having a comprehensive perspective on Social Behaviour and Branding Trends.
  • An award-winning team that has co-created value with 100+ prestigious clients over the last 15+ years
  • Optimized Design that slashed packaging costs to 1/6th for an emerging ice creams brand
  • Actionable insights and innovative ideas that yielded 13 US Patents for a leading global developer and marketer of medical devices
  • Clutter breaking retail design innovation that delivered 10X in sales for a leading alcobev brand in the very first month of its new product launch
  • Brand Identity revamp that powered a 280% topline growth in less than a decade for a leading electrical equipments brand
  • Only the 3rd company globally to design US FDA approved F=1 child resistant pack
Consumer Insights:

We help brands gain sharp, critical, and actionable insights into the needs, values, and behaviour of their stakeholders through a human-centered approach of observing and listening to them in their specific context without any preconceptions.

Brand Strategy + Design:

We collaborate with brands to devise, employ, and manage a robust strategy and a clear roadmap to propel their businesses to the next level. This provides a strong anchor for decision making and equips brands to effectively deliver on their Promise consistently across touch points for an authentic and comprehensive Brand Experience.

Packaging Design:

We help brands reinvigorate demand for their products through compelling packaging structure and graphic design that fulfills fundamental needs of their customers while optimizing costs to deliver a strong return on their packaging investment.

Museum Design:

We create an indelible impact on the hearts and minds of people through rich, holistic, and engaging experiences that enliven excellence, consolidate legacy and inspire positive action.


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needs, demands, opportunities

Gain insights through research and analysis, implicit and explicit needs

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understand, connect, strategise

Consider and analyze all angles before innovation, specs, features, packaging, strategy

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possibilities, conceptualize, envision

Concepts, functional and visual, formal themes, silhouettes, color story, house-style and mechanisms

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create, test, refine,      deliver

3D models, detailing, engineering, drawings, KLD, models, prototyping

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unlock potential, multiply impact

Affordances, capitalize an idea and offer other variants or options mix and match ideas



Having grown as a brand, we have augmented our services portfolio to provide the highest level of design delivery to our clients. Take a look at the Lokusdesign family.


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