Rasoi Magic

Rasoi Magic

Designing brand identity and packaging graphics for Rasoi Magic’s ready-to-cook mixes.


Lokusdesign was entrusted with the challenged of creating graphics for a category in an overcrowded market that was stuck with traditional packaging designs and failed to evoke a direct connect with the target group by visually appealing to them on the retail shelf. A retail environment of me-toos and high competition was leaving conventional players lost in the clutter. A drastic change to appeal to consumer mindset was required that would highlight differentiation in product offering and quality.


Qualitative design research led to detailed analysis and design innovation for Rasoi Magic’s products. Through repositioning of the product by giving more visual space for direct message connotation to a latent target group, Rasoi Magic now stood out clearly on the retail shelf as offering ‘No Onion No Garlic’ products, making them a winning visual choice for sects of the target group that cooked cuisines without onion and garlic. Focus on product offering was found primary to grab attention on retail shelf and differentiate from competition. Rasoi Magic’s brand identity was designed skillfully while building upon brand recall and subsequently, improving brand value as well as sales.

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