Designing brand identity and products for Polysure.


A niche field of disposable medical devices that is directly connected to the patient needs was Polysure’s line of business. Serious, functional devices were the norm. To break through this clutter and help Polysure be seen as a superior player was a challenge. Polysure brand image was weak owing to low-end positioning and imagery, inconsistent communication and commodity-like packaging without any differentiation. This gave the brand a perception of a local player and a non-innovative company.


The brand identity and products were designed keeping in mind that important highlights had to be innovation, quality and reliability to build trust in the minds of the consumer. At the same time, the brand had to assure the patient comfort and care, forming an emotional connect and setting apart Polysure as an international player in the healthcare domain. The idea was to stand out as a dynamic, reliable and innovative brand. Also, to create an element that enhances recall value but at the same time can be adapted to very small size. The capitalization presents a more stern and stable look and the tweaks in form of the letter ‘s’ and the integration of ‘SUR’ give it a unique identity. The logotype is bold, dynamic and progressive. The round edges depicts the human and sensitive side of a hi-tech product. Typeface is continuous, and works well in varied colors and small sizes.

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