Cox & Kings

Cox & Kings

Store planning, research, design, implementation and project management, including store roll-out of 150 stores.


Cox & Kings is a world leader in travel and tourism. This had to be evident through the massive 150 store rollout that was envisioned, with the use of graphics and store elements. It had to seem like a travel and tourism provider with expertise, a layout common across all stores which spoke to the user and visitor through lighting, interiors and space design.


Lokusdesign recognized the value and imagery that was critical to the Cox & Kings brand. Using charted maps, vintage boxes and treasure chests and other such elements as part of the interiors and furniture, an enigma and ambience of world travel was created. This was successfully applied across the entire range of stores that was planned, in tandem with strategic implementation and project management, allowing timely roll-out of all stores and making it a retail success.

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