Club Clean

Corporate identity design, brand management and marketing collaterals for Club Clean.


Identity: Club Clean was a brand to cater to the super-luxury hygiene market, which did not exist in the Indian retail scenario. This meant the Club Clean brand had to differentiate itself clearly on the retail shelf and appeal to a premium segment of people.

Packaging: Hygiene has a long way to go in our country. What most institutions tout as hygiene is way below globally accepted standards of hygiene. Only progressive, aware and cutting edge institutions recognize what is true hygiene! To differentiate clean, hygienic, fresh and active from Clinical, Sterile and passive


Identity: The brand identity of Club Clean was simple, elegant and international, setting it apart from all competition and putting it a few notches above them. Through silhouettes and clean graphics, an aura of cleanliness, ambient beauty and comfort was depicted. This solidified the brand identity of Club Clean, redefining the super-luxury personal hygiene market.

Packaging: Connecting the brand Club Clean with a world that is clean and fresh. A world where your guests can feel the real difference of a  ‘clean and fresh’ place. When you are Club Clean, you are a cut above the rest. The unique unit that was created had a typeface that was fresh and clean, as well as dynamic. The communication on packaging affirmed market beliefs and converted the conventional ‘tissue paper pack’ into ‘modern & clean’ which connected better with the audience through direct communication on core functional aspects of the product.

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