Strategic Design Innovation of Anti-Counterfeit Device to combat counterfeit drugs.


Counterfeit drugs occupy 10% of total drugs on world market and are worth about US $20-40 billion. These counterfeit drugs cause 4% to 5% annual loss of revenue to pharmaceutical companies, while having devastating ill-effects on patient’s lives amounting to loss of life, hospitalization and increased medical treatment costs, financial losses, mental trauma, anxiety and apprehension.


Through design and innovation of entire eco-system, device and packaging, Lokusdesign secured products from counterfeiting, from manufacturing until effective post-marketing. This ensured patient safety and needs to be met and benefit to pharmaceutical companies with easy market entry, long-term sustenance and improved profitability. Strategic design innovation of Anti-Counterfeit Device also lends additional benefits to other industries, namely automotive, fashion, jewelry and other such high-value and critical items.

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