Pune is on the move, literally as well as figuratively. Early morning, late evening, and for the more battle-hardened Punekar, even afternoons are all great times to hit the streets. Pune has voted with its feet and the winner of the fitness race is- drumroll please- Running! Punekars are more conscious of their fitness than ever before. Across all ages, genders, demographics, and economic persuasions, running is their chosen way to become and stay fit. On the eve of the Pune Running Beyond Myself (PRBM) Marathon, it’s worth considering what makes the Punekar run.

Could it be that running is a metaphor for life itself -a promise that if you put in the hard yards you will reach your destination? At the most elemental level, every human is born to run. Here it’s the sincere effort that counts, and crossing the finish line is one big reward. Then, there is also the sense of enjoying every step of the journey. An event like this is a chance to run for the fun of running and to be a part of a community- family, friends, office colleagues- all doing the same thing together. PRBM’s exhortation to #OutrunYourself, only takes this to the next level. A call to all Punekar’s to push themselves to the limit and achieve more than they thought possible from themselves. This is a race with only 1 competitor – yourself. This is an opportunity for each runner to tap the fullest extent of their own inner potential, not worry about beating the others running the course, and to then win – over oneself, of course! It’s time to lace up those shoes and join the start line on 19th November!