family father mother daughter dispute screaming silhouette

Are you angry? In fact, do you remember when you were last, not angry? Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look there is evidence of the very things that outrage you? The news is full of shouting heads and social media has so many people sharing so many articles that confirm all your worst suspicions –whatever those suspicions may be. It only serves to add to the Entropy- the chaos and disorder- that we, as individuals, organizations, and brands are perpetually consumed by. And that’s where the rub lies.

There’s no denying that life is hard for everyone. Most people are involved in a daily struggle and every day, they confront a sense of barely being in control of their own situation. In some ways “worrying” about more distant things – that movie, that historical slight – is a welcome distraction from the challenges of the here and now. The truth is media companies and brands know that too. Their all-knowing algorithms know that outraged, high Entropy viewers are more likely to “engage” with their content than placid or peaceful viewers. It is in the interest of these megabrands to serve that Entropy, and indeed to feed it.

But doesn’t this also present an opportunity for a brand to reduce the Entropy in the system? In a sea of negativity – if you represent a ray of hope isn’t that a wonderful way to shine out? Most brands see themselves as being good and positive – if that is so, isn’t it time for them to disperse all the doom and gloom with their own Positive Valence? It’s time to get out of the business of Entropy!