Nations such as India and Brazil are seeing tremendous economic growth. With that growth comes a significant rise in the disposable income of the people. These more well-off consumers are changing their buying preferences, consumption habits, and requirements too. One of the changes this affluence has sparked is an interest in higher value and better designed personal care products. As it happens, the APAC geography is doing particularly well in the global personal care products segment. Marketers anticipate a sustained growth rate of over 5% and India is among the major contributors.

As consumers become more sophisticated and demanding, the personal care packaging is also witnessing major transformations. The lifestyle influences and aspirations of consumers have inspired brands to carve out enthralling, sophisticated, and, yet, functional designs.

And… this is where companies are finding the need to implement innovative new packaging trends. Here are 6 personal care packaging designs that caught our eye:

Art Stick Liquid Dip – Multinational marketer and producer of personal care products, the Estee Lauder Companies Inc. have taken a step forward in designing innovative and premium packaging products. The company, in an endeavor to impart the sense of a playful experience while applying Lipstick, packaged a convenient BobbiBrown Art Stick Liquid Lip in a disposable container.


Especially targeted at the Millennial audience, the concept of colour cosmetics in the form of Art Stick brought to mind a childhood staple -the crayons from art class.

Bubble-Shaped HDPE Bottles from Soaper Duper

Several global brands are stepping up to save the planet from the devastating effects of over-exploitation of its natural resources. Soaper Duper is one such brand. This brand is a leading maker of naturally-derived body and bath products. The company has designed a bubble bottle with one hundred percent Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic. The bottle is playfully shaped like a set of soapy bubbles, as a reminder of the utility. These green-hued HDPE bottles are making a notable difference to our environment.


Head & Shoulders’s shampoo bottle with 25% recyclable beach plastic

Spreading awareness of plastic contamination in our oceans and beaches, Head & Shoulders’ introduction of recyclable beach plastic bottles design was awarded the United Nations Momentum for Change Award. The P&G brand had partnered with SUEZ and TerraCycle to launch their shampoo bottle produced out of 25% recycled plastic. The material used was recovered beach plastic and the bottle itself was designed to be recycled. The users have the satisfaction of caring for the environment, even as they gave their hair the very best in care.


Stackable, clickable makeup concept by Trinny London

Trinny London, a personal care company based in London has launched a brand-new line of products with a customized packing concept. The packaging allows women to stack and arrange their personal care products based on their needs. They could create stacks for specific purposes such as eyes, cheek, and face. This customizable kit comprises 5ml pots, an epitome of state-of-the-art technology. The containers are superb for portability, comfort, and fulfilling the individual requirements of each user.

The base of all the transparent jars (or pots) is equipped with click-fit functionality that latches with another jar upon stacking. The transparency and the labeling of the pots in hues like statement lip, smoky eye, starter pack, and fresh face look pots, allows the makeup wearer to decide the combination of hues and functions that make the most sense to them.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 4.48.53 PM

LBK Nails’ introduce Gel polish with multifunctional cap bottle

Consumers have often complained of notable differences in the actual and the displayed colour of a nail polish. Kemeny’s LBK brand eliminates this problem with a packaging design innovation. This Gel Polish is UV-protected with multifunctional cap and an opaque bottle. The bottle is equipped with a hinge containing a fingernail-shaped pop-up piece painted with the polish that is sold inside the bottle. The advantage of the design is that it allows the customer to overlay the pop-up piece over their fingernail rather than opening the bottle and trying the gel polish. Style and extreme utility are both at the fingertips of the consumers!



With personal care products, it is individuality and style that must be in focus. In that scenario, packaging that catches the eye, while revealing the inner core of the product is essential to connect with the consumers and rack up the sales. When it comes to personal care products, consumers today prefer a packaging design that is responsible, sleek, science-backed, and beautiful. And these brands here have made an awesome statement!


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