We reduce Entropy and chaos to transform brands and spaces,
create enduring relationships, and inspire positive action.

Work that can help you to address a variety of critical business challenges:

  • from managing Brand Transformations, to facilitating Market Entry and Brand Diversification;
  • from driving Brand-led Innovation across touch points- Identity, Communication, Packaging, and Retail,- to designing rich, immersive Experiences for diverse audiences;
  • from gaining Actionable Insights into  markets and industries, to having a comprehensive perspective on Social Behaviour and Branding Trends.
  • An award winning team that has co-created value with 100+ prestigious clients over the last 15+ years
  • Optimized Design that slashed packaging costs to 1/6th for an emerging ice creams brand
  • Actionable insights and innovative ideas that yielded 13 US Patents for a leading global developer and marketer of medical devices
  • Clutter breaking retail design innovation that delivered 10X in sales for a leading alcobev brand in the very first month of its new product launch
  • Brand Identity revamp that powered a 280% topline growth in less than a decade for a leading electrical equipments brand
  • Only the 3rd company globally to design US FDA approved F=1 child resistant pack

Our Clients


  • “What you have created for us is so powerful and amazing… And the beauty of it is that it is growing on us on a daily basis. The more we look at it, the more we think about it, the more we have started falling in love with it. It is very meaningful and relevant to who we are and truly represents our soul as an organization. I am amazed at the kind of impact it has on our clients. Thank you for creating something so marvellous for us!”
    Anurag Agarwal, CEO, Natural Remedies
  • “Working with the Lokusdesign team has been a creative and a beautiful journey. Their capability of combining attributes of Brand Identity to the design aspects of Packaging is quite remarkable. The team has the capacity to listen & observe well before putting in their word. It  provides a sense of working comfort, which is an absolute must to deliver great work.”
    Zervin Rana, Director, Dinshaw's Dairy Foods
  • “Havells with a 25 year track record in the electrical industry set out to create new benchmark in 2007 with the acquisition of Sylvania Globally. This involved lot of challenges and changes at Havells. One such change that was sought was in changing the logo of the company to keep pace with the changing times. We are proud to have selected M/S Lokus Design Pvt. Ltd., a Pune based design powerhouse. The thought process and diligent working by the team brought out the best. The team was very well focused and skilled to handle such huge task. Lokus Design Pvt. Ltd. Worked closely with me and my team in creating the future for Havells brand. We at Havells are extremely pleased in choosing Lokus Design Pvt. Ltd. as our partner and look forward to use them more.”
    A Vijay Narayanan, V P – Marketing , Havells India Ltd
  • “Our experience with Lokus Design has been absolutely very comfortable right from the point we interacted during the emplacement till today. Lokus Design though did not carry any previous experience of handling a client from financial industry, has been innovative and have quickly adapted to the needs of our customers (both internal and external). Their expertise in creating attractive and effective marketing materials has benefited us. With time passing by I am sure one day we will be proud to say that we definitely made the right choice in selecting Lokus Design as our creative servicing agency.”
    Avinash Sorte, Sr. Manager, Business Dev. & Mktg. Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd.
  • “It is our great pleasure to be associated with you for creation of our very special brand No Onion No Garlic. The packaging worked out by you came excellent and looks elegant. We really appreciate the wholehearted efforts taken by you and your team in creating this very special brand.”
    Dhanyakumar Chordia, Director, Rasoi Magic
  • “Lokus Design was awarded the first food court project in my previous company and till date is considered to be one of the most beautiful outlet. Very creative and has a great team to support and implement the ideas. Good people to work with who manage to surprise you with a novel concept every time.”
    Manu Dhir, Head: Operations, City Max Hospitality
  • “It gives me great pleasure to write about Lokus Design, a design consultancy office in Pune and the young, brilliant and dedicated group of designers who work for it. Their office has put up a well-coordinated team of professional designers. The members of the team showed eagerness to approach every component of the project in the right spirit of designers’ problem-solving process; whether it was design of the campus and the buildings within the campus and their interiors, or creating a total corporate identity of the Institute, or designing of all the promotional literature including the website. The Lokus Design team worked closely with me and my colleagues while participating in the task of evolving educational ethos and pedagogical methodology. It had indeed been a pleasant experience working with the Lokus Design team.”
    H Kumar Vyas, Ahmedabad
  • “A top class team of designers and co workers who settle for nothing less than the best Lokus Designs’ immense success in creativity, customer satisfaction and high quality products speak lengths about its team and processes.”
    Priya Koratkar , Account Manager at Excelize Inc. , San Francisco Bay Area, USA
  • “After my grandfather, Late Shri Dajikaka Gadgil passed away, preserving each of his memory has been a dream for each one of us. Lokus Designs efforts have been remarkable and made an essential part of our dream come true. I could relive each moment by experiencing the love and respect shown by you towards him through your exceptional team efforts and noteworthy creativity.”
    Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil, P.N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.